Stop Believing Those Myths –They are actually not true

taeillo/ March 28, 2017

Think you can separate fact from fiction when it comes to shopping for furniture? Here are the 3 furniture buying myths that just might surprise you. 1.“I can get my Roadside Carpenter to make the same furniture they sell at furniture stores for a cheaper price.”— Myth Why? This School of thought is so common in this part of the world (Nigeria).I

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3 Reasons why it is best to Buy Nigerian

taeillo/ October 1, 2016

  Patriotism is greatly expressed whether it’s through the clothing we wear that so proudly displays the Nigerian flag, the music we play that sings of our devotion to our country, or by the celebrations we have with our loved ones. But this shouldn’t be the only time that we express our patriotism. The truth of the matter is that

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Rebranding Culture Through Design

taeillo/ July 14, 2016

  There is a need to improve on traditional forms and materials and apply them in the modern context creating a new cultural concept term Modern Africa,in which Africans can still maintain their identity living in the modern era despite the conflict in identity and culture and can still be proud of who they are. “Tǽillὸ realized that many of

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