Rebranding Culture Through Design

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There is a need to improve on traditional forms and materials and apply them in the modern context creating a new cultural concept term Modern Africa,in which Africans can still maintain their identity living in the modern era despite the conflict in identity and culture and can still be proud of who they are.

“Tǽillὸ realized that many of our traditional arts and crafts evolved overtime to include practical and decorative items and that human expressions find their way through various forms of art.In the light of all these she has resolved in her heart to brand our culture and identity and make it appealing to modern Nigerians through design.”-So she said

“Nobody is interested in our culture because we have not made it appealing”

The only way we can change this is to “Brand Our Culture positively and use it as a tool of influence”

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  1. “Nobody is interested in our culture because we have not made it appealing” Thank you for doing something about this. Your work is extremely beautiful. God bless your work.

    I saw your work for the first time on Bella africana website. Breath taking. I will proudly buy naija.

    1. Thank you very much ijeoma.

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