3 Reasons why it is best to Buy Nigerian

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Patriotism is greatly expressed whether it’s through the clothing we wear that so proudly displays the Nigerian flag, the music we play that sings of our devotion to our country, or by the celebrations we have with our loved ones. But this shouldn’t be the only time that we express our patriotism.

The truth of the matter is that buying Nigerian made products will not only show your love for your own country, but it will also help your country. So why it is better to buy made in Nigeria products?

  • Economy

Nigerian manufacturers help to reduce the unemployment rate in Nigeria and stabilize our economy. This is a recognized catalyst for achieving equitable and sustainable industrial diversification and also for industrialization, growth and development.            

  • Culture/Community

Nigeria has always been a country with great artistic Tradition, dates back thousands of years. Culture has power to transform entire societies, strengthen local communities and forge a sense of identity and belonging for people of all ages.That’s what it’s like when you start to support local businesses that promotes the culture of its own people. If the business is here in Nigeria, then most of the profits they make will most likely be going back to Nigeria in some way, and you helped contribute to that.


  • Environment

Because manufacturers in Nigeria don’t have to transport their products overseas, they have considerably smaller carbon footprints. In fact, Vaughan Bassett even plants a new tree in place of every tree they used in manufacturing. Since 2007, they have planted over 1 million trees. They have also invested in rough end systems that decrease the number of trees that are needed to produce furniture by 20%.

Help your economy, culture/community, and environment and stay safe.Patronising Taeillo is something to be proud of buying because you’re helping your country and getting not only a well-made product, but something that looks beautiful, too. Be proud to buy Nigerian made furniture. Be proud to be a Nigerian.

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