Stop Believing Those Myths –They are actually not true

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Think you can separate fact from fiction when it comes to shopping for furniture?

Here are the 3 furniture buying myths that just might surprise you.

1.“I can get my Roadside Carpenter to make the same furniture they sell at furniture stores for a cheaper price.— Myth

Why? This School of thought is so common in this part of the world (Nigeria).I understand we want to save cost but the truth is on the long-run you might end up spending more and not getting what you want.Sharper guys know that they save themselves the hassle,money,time etc when they buy from furniture Brands that are reliable.I remember when two of my clients told me how some guys made substandard furniture and also disappointed and didn’t even want to take responsibility for the loss.(Although there are some good ones)

For how long do you want to continue cheating yourself ?.Apart from great designs to choose from,Quality,and customer service I seriously think there is a lot to gain and you have great responsibility in making your home the envy of your friends.


2.“I’ll only Get a Good Deal around the Holidays”Myth

There do tend to be a lot of sales at various stores at the end of the year,different promotions going on over everywhere. So you don’t have to wait. We know how important it is for customers to get great quality and furniture pieces ,so we make it possible.All you need is to be on a look out for the perfect promotion that suits you best.


3.“I Can Only Get Furniture in the Exact Style/Color as It Is displayed” — Myth

Why? Most pieces that we have available are completely customizable! Sofas, ottomans, chairs, and can be customized and turned into exactly what you’re looking for. You can change the color, size, fabric, etc. Customized furniture is perfect for those who want complete control over what their furniture ends up looking like or those who want to really express their unique sense of style.

Was any myth debunked ? Let me know in the comments below. In the meantime, check our store for current promotions from your comfort zone.

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