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Taking good photos with furniture in your home
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Taking good photos with furniture in your home

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Asides when we are at work, we spend most of our time indoors. Engaging in activities that span from watching movies, scrolling through our social media, playing video games, reading novels, taking short naps, etc.

One thing common with all the activities listed is the role that our furniture plays in them. Especially our sofa, table, and chairs.

In this blog, we shared with you what to do to either good photos of your furniture or photos of you and your furniture. With good photos, you can confidently have more of them to share directly to your social media audience.


Arrangement of the furniture

The first insight here is to make out time to always properly set in place and arrange your furniture pieces at home. Due to the fact that they are always prone to be used and consequently displaced from their initial position.

A proper placement or arrangement of the furniture in your space goes a long way to ensure that it has a lot of visual resonance and appeal, such that pictures you take of the furniture itself or of you and the furniture will come out fine and visually compelling.

 A well-arranged and neatly spaced furniture setting

 Source and Type of light

Next in line, let's talk about an ingredient that needs you to just have it at the correct quantity. Light is so critical that too much or less of it can have a very dramatic effect on the outcome of your pictures.

First off, ensure to use as much natural light as possible, however, try to filter them as much as possible. By filtering, we mean you should not allow the rays from the sun which is our primary source of natural fall directly on you and the furniture. It can be harsh at times and lead to overexposure (excessively bright pictures). Filter it by allowing it to pass through very light curtains or transparent window panes.

Natural Light coming through filtered by transparent window panes



A good picture angle can change the whole game for you. This is so because it adds a bit of pro touch to the outcome of the picture eventually. Essentially, you are not trying to become an expert in photography but just to know enough to determine the good outcome of your pictures at home.

You achieve a good angle by ensuring that you have your lens is steadily focused on the particular furniture piece or on you and that piece you are trying to capture. Hold steady and tap the shutter button. This ensures for image stabilization and less or no blurry outcome.

A Sofa captured from a great angle



This is one factor that is totally out of your control. However, the key takeaway here is that as much as possible, ensure to take your picture your pictures in bright, sunny, and clear skies as opposed to stormy, dark, and cloudy weather conditions.

Image of an interior space taken under good weather conditions


Hope, you enjoyed reading?

Go ahead and ask your questions if you've got any in the comment section.

And don't forget to share to someone else that will find it useful.