1.Where can I get to buy Taeillos Products?

You can buy our products by ordering online through our  store http://taeillo.com/shopping/shop/,also have a store on facebook https://www.facebook.com/taeillo/shop

2.I will like to see the products before I order ?

You just give us a call then we send samples of our products for you to see.also we currently have open days when customers can come buy  Taeillos products and network with other clients.

3.Can Taeillo design my space?

Sure interior design consultancy is part of our services,you can contact us we are always at your service.

4.what is your delivery Timeline?

Our Delivery Timeline is usually 5 working days for soft furnishing and 7 working days for furniture with the exception of large orders which timeline is negotiable

5.Is Taeillo only for customers in Lagos?

We ship nationwide

6.Where can I get Online gallery of product pictures ?

You can check our instagram page to see more product pictures https://www.instagram.com/taeillo/

7.What Fabric options are available to me?

We deal in four main fabrics and they include Ankara,Adire,Aso oke,and Plain fabrics in different colors and textures.