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About Us

Taeillo is an Afro-Urban Furniture and Lifestyle Brand in Lagos. Our goal is to put a Taeillo piece in every home in every major African city.

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Ground-Breaking Ideas for A Modern Dining Room

Dining room trends are constantly changing. Check out these ways to help you modernize your Dining room.

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Tips for Choosing Modern Furniture Colours

If you're overwhelmed by the options and not sure how to find the right choice for your furniture, these tips are for you. Go natural, use the sofa as a statement, add some black, consistency and hire a professional. Read More

Best ways to arrange furniture in your home: Top Tips & Advice

Perhaps you've just moved into a new house and you've got a blank canvas to work with, maybe you've been living somewhere for years and you feel like it needs a reset. Either way, there are always easy ways of changing up the look and feel of your home. Read More

How your remote work space design affects productivity.

Productivity is the measure of the extent of our potential performance relative to our apparent or real-time performance. A lot of factors are responsible for how good or bad that could be of which your remote office space design is chief among them.

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How To Clean Fabrics At Home

The holiday season is coming up and what better way to celebrate the festivities than to do so on freshly cleaned fabrics. Soon, your home will (hopefully) be full of family, friends and food and you’d want to enjoy that experience in the cleanest and tidiest environment possible.

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The Perfect Wood Selection Guide

Whether you're a furniture enthusiast
or you just want to buy furniture,
knowing about the different types of
wood and their characteristics would
help make more informed decisions.
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